Invest in Opportunity

Couple investing in opportunity zone funds

You’ve worked hard for your money. 

Capital gains shouldn’t be a liability, but an asset. When you invest with Park View OZ REIT you have the opportunity to save more of what is yours. Learn how you can defer or even eliminate capital gains taxes.


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Why Choose Us?

The Flexibility of Stock Ownership

Park View OZ REIT offers investors the convenience of stock ownership without holding period requirements, all while benefiting from Opportunity Zone tax incentives.

Through unrestricted shares of stock, you can maximize Qualified Opportunity Fund benefits by choosing the entry and exit timing that suits you, not the fund. This means there are no capital hold requirements or required planned liquidation. Our shares are freely tradeable under the stock symbol PVOZ.

Deferral and Possible Tax Elimination

Deferral and possible capital gains tax elimination is a large incentive for investing in Opportunity Zones. Defer capital gains tax liabilities until the end of 2026 and if you own a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) investment for 10 years you can completely eliminate capital gains tax on your QOF investment. This benefit allows investors to benefit from tax-free compound growth until 2047.

Advantages Over Other OZ Investment Types

Unlike partnerships that typically involve difficult K-1 tax forms, high minimum investments, required holding periods, accreditation requirements, and high fees, Park View OZ REIT offers liquidity, accessibility for all investors, low minimum investment, and low fees. Also, you’ll receive a Qualified Business Income tax deduction which could reduce taxable income distributed by the fund by 20%. 


Why Invest in OZs?

Opportunity Zones give investors the chance to invest in real estate development in designated census tracts. This helps low-income communities in need of capital attract commerce, provide housing, and create jobs.  

A capital gains liability can be deferred by reinvesting the capital gain portion of your sales proceeds in a Qualified Opportunity Fund within 180 days of realizing the gain. There is no dollar limit on how much gain can be deferred.

Although only proceeds from recent capital gains can qualify for tax deferral and possible elimination incentives, Park View OZ REIT is a mixed fund which allows you to invest any type of capital you choose.