Invest in Opportunity Zones

Defer And Eliminate Your Capital Gains Liability


Park View OZ REIT investors can participate in opportunity zone tax incentives with the liquidity of stock ownership.
Stock ownership provides investors with two significant benefits over the partnership interests that currently dominate opportunity zone investment options.


Owning shares of stock is familiar and accessible for almost all investors. Stock investing eliminates many of the obstacles investors typically face with partnership offerings including the notoriously difficult K-1 partnership tax forms, lengthy capital commitments often of 10 years or more, accreditation requirements, high fees, and high investment minimums.​


Stock ownership also greatly increases the financial planning utility of opportunity zone tax incentives because the investor can choose a holding period that best suits their unique financial circumstance. Shareholders can defer capital gains tax liability for as little as a year or they may choose to stay invested for decades, compounding growth tax-free.

Benefits of Working with Park View OZ REIT

Investing in Opportunity

Mike Kelly
"We designed this stock offering to be a competitive advantage for financial professionals. We make it easy to employ these new tax incentives." - Michael Kelley, Founder, Park View OZ REIT


New QOF Structures Offer Increased Liquidity Greater Access to Opportunity Zone Incentives

Thomson Reuters, November 2021

Originally published in multiple Thomson Reuters journals, Michael Kelley describes a new wave of Qualified Opportunity Funds that offer shares of stock instead of the traditionally limited partnership interest. Investors and financial planners can enjoy the accessibility of stock ownership. Additionally, stock ownership allows investors to control their holding period. QOF’s tax incentives can now be tailored to maximize the benefits for each investors unique financial needs.

Investing In Qualified Opportunity Funds with Irrevocable Grantor Trusts

CPA Journal, January 2020

Irrevocable grantor trusts (IGTs) have long been used to pass down appreciating assets, such as family businesses or real estate, through generations. IGTs’ flaw are that it can make capital gains tax worse. Qualified Opportunity Funds can eliminate these capital gains taxes. It is a powerful pairing.

How Collectors of Art Can Benefit from Qualified Opportunity Funds

CPA Journal, March 2019

This article describes how changes in the tax law have taken away “like kind exchanges” for those with capital gains in collectibles (art, precious metals, etc.), but has also given collectors a powerful new tool in the form of Qualified Opportunity Funds.

CPA Academy Webinar March 2020

Park View Investments hosted a very successful opportunity zone webinar through the CPA Academy. We had over a thousand participants from the CPA, wealth management, and legal communities. The webinar discusses the recently finalized OZ regulations and many creative ways QOFs can be used to create tax efficient results.


CPA Academy Webinar April 2022

Park View OZ REIT hosted the webinar “Getting the Most Out of Opportunity Zone Tax Incentives.” The one-hour presentation gives CPAs, wealth managers, and other tax advisors the knowledge they need to build liquid and tax-efficient strategies to suit their client’s financial needs.


Investing in Opportunity